Extensive educational research clearly demonstrates that overall family circumstances and community characteristics have a powerful influence on children’s school performance. Living in an area with poor access to affordable housing and healthcare simply fuels the cycle of poverty and inequality.

Investments by RDF also provide options for affordable homeownership and rental communities that address housing needs through all life stages. We have supported projects for individuals, families, university students, first time homeowners, and seniors in rural and urban communities.

Case study

Villa de Clara Vista (Hacienda CDC)
Portland, OR

Facility Funding

Hacienda operates Villa de Clara Vista in order to provide affordable housing to individuals and families falling under 60% of the Family Median Income threshold.  RDF refinanced a note than encompassed six parcels, but released three of those parcels to Hacienda to allow for their redevelopment.

Hacienda will be positioned to:
– Build a new headquarters and management office
– Rehabilitate a 25-unit apartment building and its community facility
– Redevelop the Clara Vista site in the future


Brian Champeau
Director- Northeast Regional Lending

Catherine Kes
Director-Specialty Finance