Plaza de las Culturas

Since inception and throughout the past 15 years, Raza Development Fund has learned that the biggest community impact happens when the resident needs are actuated in projects that serve people at all levels of income.

Investing in community development has a direct  impact on families; and their members go on to build a healthier, stronger, environment where opportunities will abound for coming generations. The future must be built today.

With a team that brings forward more than 80 years of collective successful Community Development experience, a track record of project financing in 29 states, and a focus on investing in people to provide opportunity; RDF has helped hundreds of low-income families to change their lives, while empowering organizations that serve the Latino community to fulfill their dreams.

“Plaza de las Culturas” will be the new Soul of South Phoenix. A place that respects family, various religious traditions, and the human dignity of every person; where one encounters the New America.

Case study

Plaza de las Culturas
Phoenix, AZ

Plaza de las Culturas is a Community Development project located one mile south of downtown Phoenix, in an area of ​​82 acres which will include spaces for businesses, cultural venues and family entertainment.

Raza Development Fund ( RDF ) is the leading organization of this project that will benefit thousands of residents in metropolitan Phoenix, considered the sixth largest city in the United States, with 1.5 million inhabitants, 32 percent Hispanic, according 2010 Census data .

Plaza de las Culturas is an inclusive project that seeks to give the growing Hispanic community in Phoenix a place to reconnect with their cultural roots.