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Focused Regional Lending

When it comes to the challenges within communities, not all states are the same.

Lack of government funding greatly affects organizations and the Latino and low-income families they serve.  Significant growth of the Latino population within certain U.S. regions increases the need for affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, education, and workforce development training to maintain economic stability.

To complement its historical community development lending activities, RDF is integrating added capacity-building and enterprise consulting services for its prospects, UnidosUS Affiliates and clients.

Within this framework, we focus on providing critical support services that enhance community development lending opportunities benefitting low-income and Latino communities and the organizations serving them.

RDF has established dedicated business units in growth areas to work with state and local experts in the fields of education, childcare, housing and healthcare in the:

  • East Coast Region
  • Pacific Northwest Region
  • U.S. Mexico Border Region

Case Study


Brian Champeau


Amanda Sanchez


Peter McDougal

Consultant (FL)

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