RDF helps UnidosUS affiliates and Latino organizations finance charter, private and parochial schools.

We support schools and their leadership teams who demonstrate a clear educational vision, a culture of high expectations & values, and academic excellence. As a matter of practice, we work closely with school leaders to ensure success is attainable for all students served.
RDF, through its investment activities, encourages and empowers students to meet higher standards of learning and achievement, enabling them to reach their full potential.
Together we improve the collective future of those we serve.

  • Higher Ed
  • Vocational and/or Technical
  • High performing schools

RDF's Social Return on Investment: Education Finance
Learning about RDF's impact in education

At RDF we stand by our mission to invest capital and provide specialty financing solutions that increase opportunities for Latino and low-income families throughout the US in the areas of Education, Housing Affordability, Healthcare, and Small Business initiatives. RDF utilizes analytical tools to ensure we target our financing in communities where we can maximize our social return on investment. We also strive to provide enhanced data visualization to truly show the impact of these investments.

We took a deeper dive into RDF’s support of the education community: our educators, parents, and our students. As we work together to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, we believe investing in our education community is more important than ever. We encourage you to explore our Education data dashboard to learn more about RDF’s impact in education.

COVID-19 Education Research & Intervention

RDF’s COVID-19 Education Research & Intervention report offers strategies for short-term and effective interventions to combat COVID-19 related learning loss in lower-income schools. Read the full report!


Amanda Sanchez

Sr. Director of Education & West Coast Region