RDF Organizational Chart

  • Annie Donovan
    President & CEO
    • Melissa McDonald
      Chief Operating Officer
      • David Clower
        Chief Investment Officer
        • Adrian Ruiz
          Deputy Chief
          Investment Officer
          • Elyssa Garcia
            Investment Associate
            of Education Finance
        • Amanda Sanchez
          Director of Pacific
          Northwest Region
          • Paulina Ugalde Olson
            Investment Analyst
        • Brian Champeau
          Director of East
          Coast Region
          • Ariel Behr
            Associate Director of
            East Coast Region
            • Peter McDougal
              Senior Investment
              Associate East
              Coast Region
        • Catherine Kes
          Director of
          Specialty Finance
          • Sima Thakkar
            Specialty Finance
            Senior Investment
            • Lizeth Manriquez
              Specialty Finance
              Investment Associate
              • Miguel Baca
                Specialty Finance
                Investment Associate
        • Francisca Montoya
          Director of Community
          Development &
          Special Projects
          • Star Reyes-Gonzalez
            Client Services
            Manager Small
            Business Initiative 
        • Frank Escobedo
          Director of
          Texas Region
      • Scott Richter
        Chief Credit Officer
        • Laura Avelar
          Director of Loan
          • Maria Garcia
            Senior Loan
            Operations Specialist
            • Catherine Andrade
              Sr. Loan Portfolio
              • Fernando Ortega Jr.
                Loan Operations
        • Pedro Chaves
          Deputy Chief
          Credit Officer
          • Juan Camilo Quintana
            Credit Associate
      • Rodrigo Vela
        Chief Financial Officer
        • Tony Lopez
          Deputy Chief
          Financial Officer
        • Juan Madrid
          Controller and
          Director of Compliance
          • Rocio Jauregui
            Senior Accountant
            • Chantal Martinez
              Staff Accountant
      • Elvira Espinoza
        Chief Communications Officer
        • Monica Ballesteros
          Director of Communications
          • Rachel Jimenez
            PR & Digital
            Content Strategist

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        • Eugenia Vivanco
          Director of Community
          Impact and Funding
          • Kazandra Zelaya
            Research & Data
            Analyst, Community
            Impact Assessment
        • Leonor Samayoa
          Director of Administration
          • Marina White
            Office Manager
    • Ruby Marinez
      Executive Assistant
      – Office of the President