RDF is a Latino-led and focused Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and the country’s premier lender to Latino and low-income serving organizations. Our mission is to invest capital and create financial solutions to build generational wealth for Latino and underserved families across the country.

We prioritize our investments in education, affordable housing, healthcare, social services, climate equity and social entrepreneurship.

We work diligently to ensure we are using our financial capital in the most efficient way possible to consistently expand our impact. This includes our sponsorships.

We receive an influx of sponsorship requests each year. We strive to respond to applicants in a timely manner, but we must give each request a thorough review to ensure the sponsorship aligns with RDF’s mission, values and the work we do.
To accomplish this, we recently formed a Corporate Sponsorship Committee of RDF staff to meet quarterly to review and decide on all sponsorship requests. This committee is comprised of emerging Latino leaders who are ingrained in our community and often attend many of the events we sponsor.


– Sponsorships must be aligned with RDF’s mission.

– Funds must support the Latino / underserved communities directly.

Submission Deadlines for 2024

*Applicants will receive a letter with a response 3 weeks after application deadline

Event / Program Occurring Between Application Deadline 
January – March 2024 December 30
April – June 2024 March 30
July – September 2024 June 30
October – December 2024 September 30

If you are interested in applying for a sponsorship, please use the form below. For any questions, please email sponsorships@razafund.org