Leonor Samayoa

Director of Administration

Leonor Samayoa currently serves as Director of Administration & manages the organization’s technology. She joined RDF in 2014 as office Manager, then continued her growth within the organization and transitioned to Manager of Services & Technology. In this role, she implemented industry-leading technology that connected RDF’s teams across the country and overseas, allowing them to collaborate simultaneously, improving efficiency throughout the organization. Having industry-leading technology prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, allowed us to transition seamlessly to remote working.

Her background in Real Estate Lending and being bilingual in English-Spanish, allowed her to be part of the small team that made almost a million dollars in 3 weeks in PPP Loans. She also worked with another group on the Covid-19 Hope Fund, Philadelphia Chapter. A fulfilling experience working closely with small business owners through a challenging time during the Pandemic.

A native of Mexico, Leonor has lived in Mexico, England & the USA. Living in different countries & learning about other cultures has helped her professionally in many ways. She strives to learn constantly and is an active member of our community, helping those in need, especially abused women and their kids, low-income families, and the homeless.

  • Board of Directors – Alma de la Gente
  • Head of Fundraising at The Raise the River/Redford Center event at the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix.
  • Large Conferences & Event Organization
  • REO Management
  • International Sourcing & Mexico Imports