Meet the Small Business Initiatives Team

Meet the Small Business Initiatives Team

Committed to supporting small businesses, RDF takes an active role in promoting the success of our clients by tailoring financial solutions that work for your business.    


Francisca Montoya, Director | Community Development & Special Projects  

Overseeing the PPP program, Francisca manages all aspects of program operations, including policy and quality improvement to achieve department goals.Previously, Ms. Montoya was employed with Friendly House, Inc., as Director of Strategic Development.  Her recent experience includes working with MALDEF as Regional Director for the 2010 Census and Arizona Regional Directorof the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation where she was responsible for community relations, corporate fundraising, and program and grants management.    


Cesar Verduzco, Co- Director | Small Business Initiatives   

Serving as the Co-Director, Cesar oversees the small business department. With 16 years of banking experience, he brings knowledge and expertise to the team which allows us to best serve clients and the community.  He formerly served as the President of the Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos (AEM) for the Phoenix Chapter in Arizona.  



Star Reyes- Gonzalez, Client Services Manager   

As the Client Services Manager, Star provides technical assistance and support to various small businesses. Recently assisting businesses with round 1 & 2 of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and assisting them through the forgiveness process. With 20 years of serving the community through various initiatives, she has also provided access to grant opportunities and additional capital to local-small businesses in the form of business loans.   



Tanairi Ochoa- Martinez, Consultant  

As PPP Loan Consultant, Tanairi assists clients with technical assistance and support with their PPP loans from applications to forgiveness. With a primary focus on forgiveness of the PPP program, Tanairi creates and hosts monthly PPP forgiveness webinars via Zoom.  Previously, she worked as a director for an organization that developed opportunities for locally owned businesses.  



Mayra Vargas-Rodriquez, Consultant   

As a PPP Loan Consultant, Mayra assists clients with technical assistance and support with their PPP loans from applications to forgiveness. Previously, she worked as a program coordinator for an organization that developed opportunities for locally owned businesses.  




Star Reyes, born and raised in South Phoenix, serves as a Client Services Manager for RDF’s Small Business Initiatives team. She provides technical assistance to small businesses helping them to access needed government resources such as Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) via the Small Business Administration (SBA), as well as additional capital in the form of small business loans. Star has worked at RDF since inception over 20 years ago and is passionate about its mission and history.

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