Thank You to Focus Group Business Owners

Thank You to Focus Group Business Owners

A Big Thank You to Focus Group Business Owners: 

To better understand how small business owners have had to navigate the unprecedented challenges of operating through a pandemic, with the economy’s ups and downs while facing the changing dynamics of a changing work environment, Raza Development Fund hosted focus group sessions to hear directly from small business owners.       

This May, RDF in conjunction with Vanderbilt University conducted a series of five in-person focus group sessions with Phoenix metro area based small business owners.  The purpose of each session was to hear from business owners how they were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and learn how they managed to stay afloat.  More important, RDF was focused on understanding how the RDF Hope Fund grant and Paycheck Protection Loan financial assistance helped small business owners keep their operations open.    

A total of five focus group sessions were held with the participation of thirty small business owners who attended and took part in a lively discussion.  Through the dialogue among participants, we were able to capture diverse perspectives on how the small business sector is managing the impact of COVID-19 both personally and within their business, as well as their perspective on the impact within the community.    

The rich discussion and input from all the participants resulted in identifying areas technical assistance needed to help small businesses stabilize and plan for future expansion as the economy begins to recover.  Among the areas of technical assistance identified by participants, the list includes learning how to best utilize technology tools to pivot to an online presence; expanding knowledge of finance and accounting to strengthen operations, and support with marketing the business to capture new clients.   

Your insight has provided a guide from which we will begin to plan how to respond to the needs of small businesses with resources, technical assistance, and design of products and services to help businesses growth and thrive.  Our work has just begun.    

Again, RDF extends our sincere thanks and appreciation to each of the 30 small business owners who took precious time away from running their business to participate in the focus group sessions.  Know we value your time and commitment, and your insight on the impact of COVID-19 on your business.  Please stay tuned for more in the coming months.