It’s Time


Written By Michael Guinn

Before we can flow like water. We need moments of clarity that allow for society to challenge popular thinking and status quo solutions. For too long have our cultural narratives enclosed us in the self mutilating story of our alienation from nature. To co-create the possible future of diverse regenerative cultures everywhere we have to come from love and root our being in that love. Because now the intersecting crises of income and wealth inequality and climate change, driven by systemic racism and gender inequality, has exposed the frailty of the U.S. economy and democracy.


Tired of our communities being displaced and gentrified by investment.
Tired of our Tribal Nations being Sacrifice Zones for pollution and extraction. Tired of not being in control of our own economic narrative. We’re tired.

Tell me is having our vocational dignity, humanity, community and its resources, prioritized instead of being underutilized …asking for too much?

Because we need to consistently “engage in business practices that restore and build rather than exploit and destroy”

The kind of businesses that create easy access to non-extractive, clean, and renewable energy sources. So that we can regenerate an economy that has failed to consistently create effective communication, collaboration, occupation, that strengthens this nation.

We just want to honor those whose land we are on by creating an ever-evolving capacity for life without diminishing capital.

So it’s time! Time to become a watershed of wonder at the water cooler of life.

Time to build an inclusive, sustainable economy centered on justice and stewarding the earth. Time to pursue a regenerative economy committed to anti-racism, and a transformation in how we view and value the lives of all people.

Time for us to develop narratives that challenge the existing power dynamics that prevent or limit inclusiveness, information flow, and full participation?

It’s time to propose solutions that directly benefit Asian, Black, Brown, Indigenous, poor, and marginalized people and their communities in the short, medium, and long term.

Look it’s time for an incubation of accelertation so that we experience a full spectrum of possibilities! So no more corporate bailouts, no more investments in, or subsidies for, fossil-fuel extraction, production, and infrastructure or companies that put profits over the health of our people and planet. Time’s Up. Because The BIG BANG begins with US.

Inspired by the Big Bang Conference 2022©
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