RDF’s Organizational Chart – A Visual Portrayal of Our Familia

RDF’s Organizational Chart – A Visual Portrayal of Our Familia

Raza Development Fund’s organizational chart is a great visual portrayal of the quantity and quality of professional experience RDF has to offer. But most importantly, it proves we are a Familia of servant leaders at heart.

“We truly have something very special at RDF,” says Melissa McDonald, RDF’s Chief Operating Officer. “Thank you, to our founders (Tom & Mark) for giving us a solid foundation based on our founding principles, mission, and servant-leader culture.”

This culture is truly apparent in our new organizational chart. Recently, I (as part of RDF’s Communications team) had the pleasure and privilege of working on this project – a new page on our website that shows the structure of our organization. It was truly a team effort with the help of Duke Photography (a local Phoenix studio), our communications’ consultants: Jorge Palomares, Carla Salazar and Gabriela Penrod, as well as Eugenia Vivanco, RDF’s Director of Community Impact and Funding.

It’s a great way to get to know who really makes up this CDFI. The chart shows the connected branches of each small team and department of our organization. While a simple chart would suffice, we truly wanted our visitors to get to know each individual that makes up our Familia. We had to go beyond a headshot, name and title.

To add an extra flair each of us thoughtfully shared short video messages of why they enjoyed working for RDF. Some of us mentioned specific projects and tasks related to our positions, like Laura Avelar (Director of Loan Operations) who enjoys working with new and former clients. Others discussed how they connect to the RDF mission, like Elyssa Garcia (Investment Associate Education Finance) who takes pride in being an advocate for students and schools. While the notes vary, they show our passion for our mission – serving the Latino community and poor families.

While I helped to organize and prep my co-workers for video shoots, I also had the opportunity to help edit and read through each of their short bios. These paragraphs are more than work histories. They are impressive snippets – shortened tales of community service, family backgrounds and immigration experiences, and ways they’ve risen above challenges to become the best leaders and professionals possible.

As a storyteller with a journalism background, I read their bios intrigued by the larger stories shared in their short bio phrases. Luckily, in my role as PR & Digital Content Strategist, I have the chance to dive deeper into those stories on this RDF blog. Learn more about Chantal Martinez’s (Staff Accountant) natural instinct for helping others in a previous post. Then stay tuned for more stories, like how Catherine Andrade’s (Sr. Loan Portfolio Specialist) unlikely friendship saved a life.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our organizational chart and learn more about our professional expertise and passion for servant leadership.